MAN Sports Game DayMAN Sports Game Day is a pre-workout supplement that really separates itself from all the others out there. It was one of the first to use Dendrobium as an alternative to DMAA (DMAA was recently banned).

Game Day contains a solid ingredient profile to give you the energy, pump, and recovery that you need when you are hitting the gym hard.


Not Just for Bodybuilding

Now I know it is labeled as a “pre-workout supplement” but take a look at the name… Game Day. This stuff is amazing for any game/athletic performance! It doesn’t just have to be used for bodybuilding. Take this stuff before a football game, race, or whatever it is you like to do, and I can almost guarantee that you will see improved performance! It’s so simple but I feel like a lot of people are missing out on this advantage.



Game Day uses a proprietary blend of ingredients, which means that the exact amounts aren’t listed. Kind of annoying, but almost all products are like that nowadays, so other companies don’t steal the formula.

Game Day does not contain beta alanine, so you won’t get that pins and needles feeling. I know a lot of people don’t like that feeling, and I’m sure that’s why MAN Sports decided to leave beta alanine out of the formula.

Nitric Oxide Ingredients 2135mg
Glyrcerol Monostearate
GlycoCarn (Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCL)

PURE PF3 500mg

Energy 252mg
Dendrobium Alkaloids
Black Tea (20% Theaflavins)


Game Day Dosage:

Here’s where it gets a little funky. For some reason MAN Sports decided to make the serving size 1/2 scoop. Not a big deal, but it has some people complaining.

Anyways you should always start with a half-serving when trying a new pre-workout supplement, so that means you should start with 1/4 scoop of Game Day your first time. If all goes well, increase it to 1/2 scoop (1 serving) and if you want to get a little crazy, go for 1 full scoop (2 servings).